CU46 Gallery
The first gallery for sexual art
Our Mission
CU46 Gallery is a safe space for the artists to explore their gender and sexuality and express themselves through art. Its mission is to:
  • Empower artists to openly share their vision on the sexual identity through art
  • Discuss the issues of self acceptance along with the acceptance by the society
  • Give the voice and the platform to LGBTQ and other rejected minorities, whose narrative used to be oppressed or shaped by the powerholders of the society
  • Provide a safe space for creative exploration, free from judgement, cultural, political, legal, philosophical, moral, ethical, and religious norms and dogmas
  • Give place for abused or undervalued artists from the countries, where LGBTQ communities and sexually charged art are oppressed
  • Advocate against the objectification of the female body and sexuallity and promote the reinvindication of their body
  • Rise the awareness about the prohibitive forces underlying the orthodox patriarchal societies with its double standards, when the pornography, erotics and objectifying advertisement are seen as acceptable and the natural processes like giving birth and breastfeeding are stigmatised as 'shameful'
We are well aware the broad public may not be ready for the art about sexuality and by sexual minorities and feminists. To create a safe space for the artists and the guests alike, we made the gallery open for connoisseurs and those in the know only.

To access the online platform and the exhibitions at the gallery and beyond, as well as events like private dinners, parties, cinema screenings and more, you have to be a member of CU46. We value privacy and exclusivity, so we will admit new people by recommendation of the existing members. Members enjoy vast range of benefits and are kindly requested to adhere to the Membership Rules.

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