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Anna Biesuz ( Feltre,1993)

Biesuz's art practice is engaged with investigating the unsaid about being a body, trying to reveal its unvoiced significance as well as triggering an inner reflection about the way we are habitually used to perceive it. She believes that every motion we make with our body is the way to communicate our desire for intimacy, this longing for contact is projected through sexuality as well, but rather than interpreting this as a mere instinct to procreate, this should be recognized as a reflection of the human yearning for empathy and sharing.

May 2015 - Solo Exhibition "LesboErotismo", Studio d'Arte Andromeda, Trient, Italy

June 2016 - solo exhibition organized by Arcilesbica Zami Milano, Milan, Italy

February 2017 - Outsider Art Exhibition, Candid Gallery, London, UK

February 2017 - Group Exhibition "Same Difference", Cass Art, Kingston, UK

June 2017 - Group Exhibition "New Perspectives", Centre for Recent Drawing, London, UK
July 2017 - "RSA Open Exhibition of Art 2017", Edinburgh, UK

December 2017 - International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy

December 2017 - Group Exhibition "Beyond Boundaries", London, UK


She reflects on the rationalization of the corporeality by the society through a hetero-normative way of existing. With her art Biesuz encourages people to experiment and determine their own pleasure free from a dispassionate logocentric imaginary, which excludes any emotional significance and ignores a culture of perception.
Life is trying to kill me, 2020
Nel sogno cercavo i nostri riflessi, 2020
Dizziness of the Aby, 2016
We learned this renunciation, accustomed to amputate the affective experience, weak empathic, which is dominated by the logic of domination, reproduction and commodification.