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CADOC (Farnham, UK, 1963)

For the past 30 years his work has sought to reveal our innermost emotions relating to sexuality, gender, identity, pleasure, fetish, and the underlying beauty consistent to all. In addition to inclusion in a growing number of private collections CADOC's work has been featured in numerous galleries and group shows including numerous street art pieces around the world.

"Noir #19 - Nest"
His work takes on various forms - painting, drawing, sculpture, street art to question the values and censure of sexuality, gender, gratification, sexual power and vulnerability, and identity within society.
The viewer is challenged to open new ideas and understandings of their identity and question societal "norms" of gender, sexuality, and pleasure. Mirroring the dichotomy of sexual power and vulnerability these works at times seduce the viewer while at others threaten.
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