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Corinne Duchesne

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Corinne Duchesne (Canada)

Duchesne reflects on the current generation of young people, the 'click' culture, adrift in an environment ripe with streams of explicit imagery detached from its adults-only context. She compares their raw data exposure to her childhood experience of found treasure in discarded magazines: a fragment of a breast here, a glimpse of a nipple there, all lovingly collected and hoarded by her and stashed under her neighbors' back stairs.

She thinks about how web-based culture, isolated fetishized images and instant access to adult content, creates a new twist to the old game of "telephone," pieces together an understanding of the world. The dislocation parallels her own curiosity as a child (and as an adult.) The things she was seeing were divorced from meaning and the stories Duchesne was overhearing were as exotic as a foreign language. Hearing laughter at a "dirty joke" and re-telling and reformulating the ribald she was both empowered and intimidated by mysterious bawdy language and her response, which was more visceral than intellectual.

"Wanna Play?"
Now as an adult artist with technical skill sets to give free reign to her explorations, Duchesne is revisiting her childhood perceptions and misinterpretations of what all the "hub-bub" surrounding sex was about. Today she is creating work about stories, how we hear them, and how they contribute to our sense of self. This work combines multiples with collage, assemblage and drawing, that use mark making as story, hidden text and metaphor.
" I am making use of facetious images with a playful, kittenish joy. I am indulging in tongue-in-cheek humor, while blushing at erotica and exploring my long-standing interest in the mythologies of human-animal hybrids. Composition rules in these narratives that move the eye, tickle the sensory response to colour combinations, and describe with luscious contours, humor and vivacious shapes."
Corinne Duchesne
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A cock or a pussy appears here or there to get you on the right track to "Schwing Town." Along the way, rooting around these works might encourage viewers to think about their identity, history and relationship to this glorious vessel we call the body.

This work is a both a reaction to and a questioning of the conversation of contemporary culture surrounding sex and identity. Duchesne is out to make friends with sex. She believes this curiosity is an open departure point for thinking and talking about sexuality, identity, and the choices we make.

"Wanna Play?"