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Dellfina Dellert and Luka Lukasiak

Viewing room

Dellfina Dellert & Luka Lukasiak (Warsaw, Poland)

Dellfina Dellert is an interdisciplinary artist. In her works she explores the innermost areas of human nature, focusing often on sexuality, especially in the context of identity, attached emotions, and self-acceptance. Dellert uses her own body as a medium. Luka Lukasiak is a professional photographer with a degree from the Academy of Photography in Krakow. During 2013 and 2014 he was a part of a prestigious Sputnik mentorship in Sputnik Collective, Warsaw. He is mostly recognized for his documentary projects including "Y"/Junk Generation, Szymonidas, or Tatars.

"Thousands of Faces, Hundreds of Mirages"
Series of self-portraits made during COVID-19 lock-down
"I've always had a fascination for the psychological aspects of life, the reason behind every deed, the definition of the truth. Both in my private and professional life I constantly analyze the border between subjective and objective, individual and collective, illusion and reality". - Dellfina

When the lock-down period started Dellert and Lukasiak was stuck together at same apartment, and this is a series of double self-portraits, where they plunged into the world of their own imagination.

"Thousands of faces, hundreds of mirages" is a photography project about the longing for freedom, lightheartedness and joy that is so lacking in Poland because of the quarantine but mainly because of the oppression of the LGBT community.

Being friends for over than 20 years, it's their first project together as a queer art collective. Both, Dellert and Lukasiak, were born in Poland, the country which has been named as the most homophobic EU country in 2020. The artists consider themselves as LGBTQ+ activists.