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"Pride! #3 Edition" Collective Art Show

Welcome to "Pride! #3 Edition" Online Collective Art Show!

Wow! It's the Pride Month, folks! And as it's already become our tradition every year we give voice to artists who are working with the topics of gender and sexuality, queerness, self-understanding and exploring of the body. We are the platform for those who are ready to talk and have a message. We are against stereotypes and advocate for freedom and equality. We want the world to be bias-free and let people finally to be who they are without judgment, shame, and guilt. Let's celebrate LOVE!

Artists presented:

Anastasia Klymenko, Ukraine

Filippo ioco, Spain

Frederick Fulmer, United States

Jakob Dziorek , Sweden

Jason Kattenhorn, United Kingdom

Paul Beaudoin, United States/Estonia

Paul Lorenz, United States

If you like any of art works presented in this viewing room, just contact us through the contact form by clicking on "message" vidget on this page and we will contact you back with more details.

Filippo ioco, USA / Spain
Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking Body painting artists we know. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over three decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley's Believe it or Not to name a few. For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide.

Anastasia Klymenko, Ukraine
Anastasia wants to live in an open and diverse world full of happy people. People who choose love in all its forms. When you do not need to prove and defend your right to be happy. Anastasia claims to choose a mate for yourself and not be afraid of the condemnation and censure of society. She calls for living in harmony with yourself and the world and other people. Fetishes are ok, kinks are ok, the main thing is that you like it. This is a private matter for everyone.

The world is beautiful and we want to enjoy what we do. Adults can negotiate among themselves and decide what they like. She asks everyone to be open and realize your fantasies. Because what comes in the "bedroom" between adults is exclusively their business and right.

Release your fantasies. Free your mind and body!

Paul Lorenz, USA
Paul's current work explores his past and present using photography as the means to establish image and composition. By examining his past images from sound projects, travel locations and an on-going self-portrait series, new ways of looking at space and geometry have emerged. Snippets of life, gesture, self, sex and color are brought together to form a visual scape that is both representational and purely abstract. For years Paul has pondered the notion of what is representation/reality and abstraction/truth. Is a photograph reality or truth? Is representation abstraction or reality? In an era of technology driven media, do boundaries blur, or do they simply stop existing?

Jakob Dziorek, Sweden
Jakob is a Swedish queer artist, born in 1999. While studying, Jakob became increasingly aware of his queer identity and how to explore this aspect of his identity through his artwork. Jakob's art became a vehicle for self-expression, allowing him to explore his gender and sexuality.

His subject is a human body, relationship between objects and ones sexuality, whether it is a traditional still-life painting or a human body and anatomic studies. He uses traditional materials, oil paints and charcoal. Through traditional studies he makes classic still-life paintings with modern symbols, playing with sexuality, identity and contrast between modern and traditional.

Paul Beaudoin, Estonia
Paul Beaudoin is a globally recognized interdisciplinary artist. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Dr Beaudoin actively creates visual and sound art that echoes his relationship to his identity and the contemporary culture that surrounds him.

As an American boy growing up in the 1960s, Paul was constantly "educated" by films produced and distributed by the US Government. These videos instilled incredible fear, self-shame, while gearing most of the children towards hetero-normative lifestyles. Now these films have become accessible, he has returned to them - but for a very different purpose. In recent work, Paul has explored how masculinity, and toxic masculinity in particular, was propagated in the most simplistic terms and how one's sexuality was to be suppressed.

Solana. Paul Beaudoin. Digital Image. 2023
Frederick Fulmer, USA
Frederick is a elder member of the LGBTQ+ community. After receiving a B.F.A. in printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University, Frederick moved to New York in a quest for self-acceptance and artistic expression. He worked for the artist, Joe Brainard, who became a mentor for him. His ability for composition and collage construction inspired the artist to branch out and incorporate other materials in his work. Frederick was then lucky enough to become a studio assistant for Jasper Johns. His gift for making a personal connection to create iconic imagery stays with him to this day.

He is primarily an abstract & color field painter. After 20 years of living in Venice and
Joshua Tree, he began adding perspectives of the desert environment into his work, utilizing photo transfer mixed with oils and acrylics. Frederick has been working on a series called the "Wrestlers" which is informed by his queer identity.

" I have been working on the series "Wrestlers" for several years in my studio practice. I am still continuing to explore this homo exotic series with my imagery of wrestles. By using these images I hope to convey a dialogue about masculinity and queerness."
Frederick Fulmer
Jason Kattenhorn, UK
A freelance queer illustrator and content creator based in Banbury, UK. He works predominantly digitally, but enjoys collaging and sketching once in a while. Jason's illustration work usually depicts those LGBTQ+ bodies we are told to hide. He loves to explore queer intimacy and positivity in all its forms because queer bodies are awesome; they are resilient, and they are beautiful.
These digital art pieces are a celebration of queer joy.

Jason is a founder of Sassify Zine is an award winning, print magazine and online features website luxuriating in queer art and sassiness. The magazine is the intersection between art, self expression and mental health where Jason and his team give a platform to marginalized queer creatives to curate and promote LGBTQ+ representation in art, society and culture.

The people within the illustrations presented below have found their safe space and they are being unapologetically themselves in a world where they are told to hide.

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