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Teini Piibemaa

Viewing room

Teini Piibemaa (Estonia, 1997)

As an Estonian living in Finland, she finds inspiration in the huge cultural, societal, and economic differences that these two - seemingly very similar - countries hold. While struggling with mental health and the stigmas surrounding them, the artist finds escape in her digital and traditional art and a way to express her intrusive thoughts in a harmless manner.

With her work, Piibemaa focuses on the sore spots within our society and with dark humor, shines a light on the life of a modern, 21st-century woman. Piibemaa's creations are a way of dealing with an internalised misogyny that has been placed on her shoulders by generational curses and societal pressures and she intends to dissect how women are being portrayed by the outside world as well as her own inside world.
"HEADLINE 2022 "
HEADLINE 2022 is an ongoing photography series, inspired by the tragicomedy genre, where dark humor meets shocking tragedies. HEADLINE 2022 invokes the intended response of both the tragedy and the comedy in the viewer, where comedy acts as a coping mechanism to reflect the pain from presented headlines.

The series is based on women and the LGBTQAI+ community suffering from various negative outcomes birther by patriarchy. Empowering photographs have been layered with problematic statements, which have dug deep roots in our current society. Using outrageous magazine headlines as a channel for this artwork, Piibemaa draws attention to the absurd, backhanded statements, which are blurted out in casual conversations and even in authentic journalism channels. Most photographs are self-portraits of the artist. All of the headlines in this series have been, at one point in her life, directly addressed to or lived by the artist.
HEADLINE 2022 can be hard and offensive to watch, without first knowing the statement. With this element, the artist wishes to make the viewer experience the same initial shock of receiving this kind of information, as she had while living through that situation. As a queer woman, sexuality and gender are present topics in all of Piibemaa's works.
Being shunned off from many projects because of her ''intense'' and ''outrageous'' works, the artist still aspires to initiate an educational conversation and to uplift the feminist movement.

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