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Terms and conditions of collaboration with CU46 Project
CU46 Project as a part of Macte Art Spaces, S.L. (bellow called as "Gallery") and any artist (bellow "artist")chosen for any Online or/and Offline Art Show agree for the following:

  1. "Gallery" can use pictures provided by "artists" chosen in open call in any Social media connected to CU46 Project and Macte Art Spaces.
  2. Chosen "Artist" provides high-quality photos of her/his artworks to "gallery" which "gallery" can use on the website and in any social media connected to it such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, etc.
  3. All artworks provided by "artist" have to be original and made by "artist" otherwise all the responsibility in case of accusation of "Gallery" in plagiarism will go to "artist" automatically.
  4. "Gallery" sells artworks provided by artists selected in open calls so "artist" is required to provide the price list and availability of her/his artworks upon request.
  5. In the case of sales "gallery" takes 30% from the sales prices, so "artist" needs to provide the prices counted with the commission of "gallery".
  6. "Gallery" is not responsible for the delivery of artworks but can provide advised delivery suppliers for safe transportation of artworks from "artist" to "buyer" upon request.
  7. "Gallery" provides the promotion of chosen art from "artist" which has been selected during an open call.
  8. "Gallery" reserves the right to stop any collaboration with "artist" at any time. If "gallery" stops collaboration with "artist" artworks posted before that moment are staying in social media of "gallery" but will be removed from the main website.
  9. In case of sales additional documentation of originality of the artwork will be requested from "artist" by "gallery".
  10. "Gallery" reserves the right to communicate other terms and conditions with "artist" if needed according to the case.

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