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Nadia Lure (Russia,1987)

Nadia Lure (Moscow, 1987) is a visual artist and skilled body painter. Her educational background goes from "Designer-stylist" (National Institute of Fashion) to "one on one" Airbrushing Technique (Eugene Frion Studio).
Nadia is a resident of Performative Collective, called Ritual Magic Designers, where she took a place like body-paint and performance artist.

Selected Exhibitions:

Performing program of "HUMA" feat "Ritual Ibiza" at Konvent Zero Berga. 2019

Performances in secret locations, Ibiza, 2018

Nadia's artistic practice is dedicated to the transformational process of a human to become a better copy of him/herself using different spiritual techniques such as body art. The practice of body painting comes from thousands of years of ceremonial traditions combining shamanism of aboriginal cultures of Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, and the sacred Buddhist technique of creating three-dimensional sand mandalas. Body Art envisions a unique exploration of a person (or self-exploration) where color, textures, and icons become the language, not of the mind, but the body's ancestral memory. The power of visual aesthetics has been conventional in every culture since the dawn of time, and that is why Nadia uses this language to get access to each person's needs and essence as a personal alchemic process of transformation. In fact, the word alchemy comes from Arabic 'Al-khemia' which means "base metals could be transmuted into noble ones", which translated into the human experience, becomes a transformational involvement manifesting humans inherent beauty and freedom, allowing every one of us to interconnect the different parts of ourselves to the purest form.

Photo &video by Yindra