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Nadia Lure

Viewing room

Nadia Lure (Russia, 1987)

Nadia's artistic practice is dedicated to the transformational process of a human to become a better copy of him/herself using different spiritual techniques such as body art. The practice of body painting comes from thousands of years of ceremonial traditions combining shamanism of aboriginal cultures of Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, and the sacred Buddhist technique of creating three-dimensional sand mandalas. Body Art envisions a unique exploration of a person (or self-exploration) where color, textures, and icons become the language, not of the mind, but the body's ancestral memory.

"Part of You"
"Part of You" opens up to the viewer the path of the author's search for the state of Oneness. Each of the works is a certain stage of life and the key that opens the next door is in an endless movement towards yourself.
With her series "Part of You" Nadia Lure is asking questions to herself and the viewer:
Do you know the feeling of deep longing for the Home?
Do you experience the yearning for the Spirit?
Do you have the fierce thirst to go beyond the limits of yourself?
Have you ever seen a demon in your eyes and not be afraid of it?
Have you lived the inevitability?
Of course, we can't show it online, but the great importance of the project goes to the lighting solution. This is a kind of a map indicating the way in the dark labyrinths of the soul, a link that unites the polarity of human existence. In the atmosphere of twilight and detached sounds, light rhythms, and reviving paintings, the author will lead you to the main question ...
This exhibition is an immersion in the transcendental world.

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