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CU46 Gallery
CU46 is a commercial art gallery and online platform, dedicated to the sexual art and art exploring sexuality. Our mission is to empower artists to openly share their vision on the sexual identity through art and to give the voice and the platform to LGBTQI and other rejected minorities, especially from countries where these communities are oppressed
Gallery space
A physical space in the heart of Barcelona: 65 sq. m in El Gotico, close to the sea and in close proximity to Soho House, Wittmore, The Serras Hotel to name just a few. Space can accommodate up to 150 people standing and 25 people sitting. The space will have a rolling exhibition programme and is available for hire for 400 eur per day.
Exhibition programme and residence
We created CU46 to run exhibition programme and artistic residency. We are eager to give emerging artists, especially females and non-binary artists, a voice and strength to express themselves. We will also have an outreach programme of talks, thematic events, and film screenings.
Online Platform
We are working to create an online platform with a thematic collection of sexual art for purchase available only to the members of CU46.
We decided to implement a membership model to create a safe place for our guests and artist and to provide exclusive access for collectors
Meet our team
Maria Sel
Artist and founder
Maria is an artist, healer and feminist. In her 'Love Yourself' project, she was painting abstract works while pleasing herself with a clitoral stimulator. After her work was dubbed as 'pornographic', she rebelled against the double standards of the conservative society and decided to create a safe space for people to explore themselves and their sexuality and express it through art.
Cristina Sandoval
Curator and gallerist
Cristina is a curator and art historian specialising in Latin American women artists. She is based between Barcelona and Mexico city. Having started her career at the age of 21, Cristina has been involved in many curatorial projects, and has substantial background as a gallerist.
Anna Leven
Publisher and marketer
Anna worked for a famous art newspaper for 4 years. Having delivered a range of print and digital projects, she moved from London to Barcelona, where she works on a magazine, dedicated to the Russian Art scene and as a freelance marketing manager.
We are well aware the broad public may not be ready for the art about sexuality and by sexual minorities and feministic women. To create a safe space for the artists and the guests alike, we implemented membership model and made the gallery open for connoisseurs and those in the know only.

The access the online platform and the exhibitions at the gallery and beyond, as well as events like private dinners, parties, cinema screenings and more, will be provided only to members of CU46. We value privacy and exclusivity, so we will admit new people by recommendation of the existing members.

There will be three tiers of membership: Basic, Premium and VIP. For the VIP members, we would like to provide special discounts at the partner hotels and restaurants and organise thematic events.

Other income stream will come from the sale of artworks and sponsorship for events and art residency.
Why us?
We are unique
We are the first space dedicated entirely to sexual art and art exploring sexuality
We are bold
We have audacity to launch the project and question the status quo
We have mission
We support minorities and want to provide space for undervalued artists outside of Western world
We are creative
The diverse skillset of our team guarantees we can deliver any project you may fancy
We want to connect
Our goal is to build a community of supporters around what we are doing
We are ready
It is not yet another bright idea that will fail to materialise, we have space, team and website
We are looking for sponsors and partners for the entire project as well as selected events. We are particularly interested in hotels and restaurants that can provide discounts to our members and host our exhibitions and events. If you believe in our idea and are interested in our target audience, please contact us.
+34 622 945 887
Barcelona, El Gotico