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CU46 Gallery
If you are looking for free-from-sex-taboo and open-minded space, we are pleased to present you international art platform CU46 Project. It includes online gallery and community of artists, who explore sexual and gender issues through best creative practices.

CU46 ("See You For Sex") is not about erotic. It is mostly about «self-»: self-perception, self-relation, self-acceptance, self-love. The main question of modernity «Who you are in this world?». Art can answer it in the most honest, natural way – by means of emotions.

CU46 Project Founder
Maria Seltsova gives her artists not just art safety, but physical one. Exhibitions are held in secret places to avoid aggressive visitors. «It`s OK not to understand all meanings and messages. But mutual respect is very important. We do not welcome visitors and clients who ignore personal boundaries».

CU46 Gallery
CU46 Gallery supports artists who work with non-traditional techniques: they paint and sculpture with body, use sexual experience and personal feelings. «Not all cultural institution are ready to work with them, — tells Maria Seltsova, CEO of the project. — Unfortunately, art society is still very close and patriarchal. World is changing and we see how up-to-date our artists are. Isn't it the core idea of the art?» The artists represented in CU46 Gallery are Martin Kámen, Varvara Esmenova, Terry Gregoraschuk, Nadia Lure etc.

Exhibition program and residence
We created CU46 Project to run exhibition program and artistic residence. We are eager to give emerging artists, especially females and non-binary artists, a voice and strength to express themselves. Recently CU46 Project has opened new format — open calls. Maria Seltsova and her team are looking for creative people, whose projects are bold and sometimes provocative. «It doesn`t matter what gender or sexual orientation you are. Don`t be afraid of stigma! Questions about body and sexuality is our everyday life. And you make art about it!»

Online Platform with Marketplace
We have created an online platform with a thematic collection of sexual art for purchase available to sexual art lovers and supporters of the change we are making.
We decided to implement the marketplace as well for easier access to the purchase of not only original artworks, but also limited edition of prints on canvas and posters.
Why us?
We are unique
We are the first space dedicated entirely to sexual art and art exploring sexuality
We are bold
We have audacity to launch the project and question the status quo
We have mission
We support minorities and want to provide space for undervalued artists
We are creative
The diverse skillset of our team guarantees we can deliver any project you may fancy
We want to connect
Our goal is to build a community of supporters around what we are doing
We are ready
It is not yet another bright idea that will fail to materialize, we have platform, team and followers
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